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Wedding cake trends for 2011


Here are 4 Top Wedding Cake trends for 2011

Centerpiece cakes-Instead of one large cake, design multiple cakes with your color scheme, theme, etc. These cakes create a really creative display at the reception


Vintage details

This broach cake is a great example of how you can integrate a glam vintage look into your cake . The bride used antique silver and pewter vases and pitchers to hold her centerpieces, so this cake with the antique looking broaches was the perfect cake for the reception! Photo by RAD

Dress details

This cake is a  great example on how to design a cake around your beautiful wedding gown. Bring us photos of details such as embroidery, lace patterns, even ribbons, sashes and jewels we can mimic on the cake! photo below by Genevieve Nisly photography

Texture on wedding cakes is very visually interesting.

The first photo shows a cake  that uses nothing but the texture from the flowers on the brides dress.

We created this 6 tier with alternating layers of white chocolate ruffles, and rhinestone bands. The peonies are hand sculpted sugar flowers.

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