Monthly Archives: Sep 2016

Nestle’s 150th Anniversary Cake

The Nestle Company recently celebrated their 150th anniversary, and commissioned us to do a cake incorporating most of their food logos on it. This cake had to be very large, artistic and a show-stopper considering the fact that Nestle is one of the world’s major food brands and this was a very special anniversary! Check out the detail work on the logos-our co-owner Lauren piped all of them free-hand, using no stencils at all. The cake was done in fondant, logos piped in royal icing, and topper created out of sugar. img_0788



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Unbelievable Patrick Nagel Inspired Buttercream Cake

Check out this amazing birthday cake for one of our favorite clients birthday celebrations! His favorite artist is Patrick Nagel and our amazing co-owner Lauren free hand piped all of the artwork on this cake with 100% buttercream. No stencils, no transfers. Just her amazing talent! Check out some of our Online Classes here on our website to learn how to better your piping skills and feel more confident working with Buttercream frosting. We are in the process of filming more classes, so look for an Advanced Drawing in buttercream class coming late fall 2016.



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