Nestle’s 150th Anniversary Cake

The Nestle Company recently celebrated their 150th anniversary, and commissioned us to do a cake incorporating most of their food logos on it. This cake had to be very large, artistic and a show-stopper considering the fact that Nestle is one of the world’s major food brands and this was a very special anniversary! Check out the detail work on the logos-our co-owner Lauren piped all of them free-hand, using no stencils at all. The cake was done in fondant, logos piped in royal icing, and topper created out of sugar. img_0788



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Unbelievable Patrick Nagel Inspired Buttercream Cake

Check out this amazing birthday cake for one of our favorite clients birthday celebrations! His favorite artist is Patrick Nagel and our amazing co-owner Lauren free hand piped all of the artwork on this cake with 100% buttercream. No stencils, no transfers. Just her amazing talent! Check out some of our Online Classes here on our website to learn how to better your piping skills and feel more confident working with Buttercream frosting. We are in the process of filming more classes, so look for an Advanced Drawing in buttercream class coming late fall 2016.



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Smash Cake Cuties

Thank you to the talented Brittany Gidley for capturing these precious baby girls and their first taste of White Flower Cake! Smash cake sessions are one of the most amazing photo opportunities, and we offer ready to go smash cake mini cakes from our Beachwood locations.
Check out Brittany’s amazing portfolio of work here www.brittanygidleyphotography.com

smash cake 5

smash cake 4

smash cake 3

smash cake 2

smash cake 1

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Art Museum 100th Birthday Celebration!

A couple weeks back, The Cleveland Museum of Art celebrated its 100th milestone birthday with a huge event!  Over 5000 people attended the celebration of the Art Museum’s 100 years in Cleveland, and were served cake and ice cream! We were asked to create a cake that represented Salvador Dali’s Painting of “The Dream”. Lauren did an amazing job on the details of this cake, everything being hand piped, hand painted and sculpted to mimic the feel of the painting. Here are a few detail shots of the cake as well as the finished product:

IMG_7570 IMG_7567 IMG_7572 IMG_7574

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What’s trending in Buttercream Cake designs

We have the pleasure of creating 100’s of cakes every week for our customers, whether it be an elaborate 5 tier wedding cake, to the custom Birthday and special occasion cakes, or the ready to go cakes we sell out of our display coolers for last minute celebrations… And the trend that we are so happy about is Buttercream! Our business has changed so much from day 1, back in 2007 when it seemed like fondant cakes were all the rage, and what all of our customers wanted to order. The fact that we are able to be recognized as a cake shop at the forefront of Buttercream cake decorating, with an international Online school devoted to nothing but Buttercream cake decorating, a class on Craftsy, and a huge fan base of almost 90,000 Followers on Instagram, that remind us every time we post a photo why we #lovewhatwedo.  It blows our mind that this is what our business has changed into, and we are so happy for it! Here are a few photos of what is currently trending with our awesome customers

Buttercream floral cakes:
photo (1)

Watercolor cakes:

Simply Sweet Watercolor

Cakes inspired by invitations:photo (30)photo (43)

photo (41)



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Fun Cake decorating classes!

At our Solon location, we offer adult cake decorating classes year round! Our most popular class is our Buttercream Bootcamp, a 4 hour class which covers everything from frosting and stacking a buttercream cake, piping with buttercream ,and of course, amazing buttercream flowers! We also offer a fun Ladies night, where you can bring wine, snacks and friends to decorate cupcakes with! Our Beginners Buttercream class is perfect if you have an interest in cake decorating, but have never tried it. We guarantee you will learn a lot and have so much fun! Check out some of these pictures of our students work. Our current class schedule is on our Class page.

2 ladies showing off their fabulous skills at our Buttercream Boot camp

blog class1

A fun idea for Corporate events! Tri-C held a team building event at our shop and had so much fun!


Shirley proudly showing off her flowers at a Beginners Buttercream class. Way to go Shirley!


A Family having way to much fun at a Ladies night! Buttercream shots anyone??:)

blogclass4 Mothers and Daughters enjoying their time together at a Floral Cupcakes techniques class
blogclass6 blogclass7 blogclass8 blogclass9 blogclass10

2 amazing students that came in from Columbus for our Buttercream Boot Camp

blogclass12 blogclass13 blogclass14 blogclass16

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Amazing cake for The Cleveland Art Museum!

Back in April, we were commissioned by the Cleveland Art Museum to create a centerpiece for the 100th anniversary Gala of the Association of Art Museum Directors Association’s 100th Anniversary! This organization originated in Cleveland and the gala included Prominent Art Directors from all over the nation! Lauren and I had so much fun creating it, we love being able to be artistic and creative with sugar!



IMG_7017 IMG_6971 IMG_7346

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Our first Craftsy Class! All about that Buttercream LOVE

In the beginning of April, we flew out to Denver to film our first class with Craftsy titled “Simply Buttercream Celebration Cakes that will debut May 2. This was quite an honor for us since we were contacted by Craftsy to be instructors, and film a class focusing on a beginner level class demonstrating the making of buttercream, frosting cakes, piping stripe patterns, and of course, our Signature White Flower Flowers! In Denver, we met our production team-A producer, talent coach, editor and film crew, who were all super talented and made us feel right at home. It was nerve-wracking in the beginning being away from our kitchen and cake shoppes, being on set in a production studio, having to read a teleprompter, follow a script, and essentially “perform” while making cakes and teach to an imaginary student behind the camera…..not to mention as a Mom I had to be away from my little girl for a week! But we got the hang of it after a few days, and filmed what we feel will be a great class. Filming online classes is something we have been doing for the past 2 years with our Online School of Decorating that we started back in September of 2014. Our mission with our Online school was to educate people on how to decorate with buttercream frosting, something that we have been so passionate about for so many years! Partnering with Craftsy gives the opportunity to reach a much larger audience, and hopefully will inspire people to love buttercream as much as we do!

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from our adventure. We can’t wait for the debut of the class!





IMG_5469 IMG_5482

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The White Flower Cake Shoppe Online School of Cake Decorating, FREE Videos

“Inspiring confident and successful decorators, one petal at a time!”

Welcome to our online cake decorating school! We are so excited to share with you how we design and create our buttercream cakes. The tutorials are based on the classes that we teach on a regular basis, and of course, what you have asked for over the years! How to make our flowers, how we do our piping, how we stack our cakes-we are sharing it all with you. We are truly passionate about buttercream cake decorating, and want to inspire others to see the artistic potential of buttercream cakes.

We have posted three videos so that you can see the content, educational,  and video quality of all the tutorials available at The White Flower Cake Shoppe Online School of Cake Decorating.

In the first video, “How to Pipe Scrolling With Buttercream”, you can learn how we apply scrolling to a single tier cake The White Flower way. Marianne walks you through the process and gives great tips and tricks to help you advance your scrolling skills.



In “Lauren frosting a buttercream cake”, watch as she  fills and frosts a single tiered cake. You will see two layers of cake filled with buttercream, assembled, skim(crumb) coated, then top coated, and smoothed to perfection! We all know that great things can’t be built without solid foundations. With cake, the background top coat of frosting is the foundation. If it is not done well the cake will look amateur.



In the last video posted today,“How to pipe a buttercream rose on a cupcake”,  you will see how to build a beautiful rose with buttercream. Learn how we build the classic buttercream rose!


All tutorials are available at:
The White Flower Cake Shoppe Online School of Cake Decorating.

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Massive Egg Shortage Causing Big Problems

eggs     The White Flower Cake Shoppe frosting, that you love so much, is a Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Eggs and/or butter are the two largest and most important ingredients in the buttercream recipe along with all other cake and brownie recipes. There has been an outbreak of avian flu throughout the country that is decimated the egg layers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates more than 48 million birds have been affected. We are seeing major increases in egg prices and drastic supply shortages. To accommodate for this horrific set of circumstances we have had to make a several minor changes in pricing and availability. Rest assured, we will not change or lower any of our high standards. WFCS



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