Acrylic Centerpiece Cake Stands
These are perfect for centerpiece wedding cakes!
Clear acrylic, raises the cakes or desserts 3.5″ from table.
Silver Centerpiece Mirror Stands
These ornate silver stands are embellished on the sides with a filigree pattern and topped with a 12″ mirror surface.
Square Bronze Modern Dessert Stands
These stands have a very polished modern look. It’s perfect for displaying cupcakes or individual desserts. Holds up to 150 cupcakes.
Round Cupcake Stands
Available in White acrylic, clear acrylic or metal. These stands hold 75-90 cupcakes. The top piece is perfect for a 5″ cake to sit for the guest of honor!
Silver Cake Pedestal
Available in square or round, these 22″ stands hold wedding cakes with up to a 20″ base! Cake stands add a touch of elegance and are perfect for elevating your wedding cake 4″ from the table to look larger at your reception.
. All rentals must be returned within 4 days or event in excellent condition.
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